Your Guide to relocating, Real Estate and tourism in Costa Rica
Your Guide to relocating, Real Estate and tourism in Costa Rica
Your Guide to relocating, Real Estate and tourism in Costa Rica
Your Guide to relocating, Real Estate and tourism in Costa Rica
Your Guide to relocating, Real Estate and tourism in Costa Rica
Your Guide to relocating, Real Estate and tourism in Costa Rica
Your Guide to relocating, Real Estate and tourism in Costa Rica

Our Team

Our team comprises a group of professionals of different nationalities and backgrounds that have gone through the stressful process of beginning a new life in a foreign country, so we can perfectly understand your needs and feelings and are prepared to meet your highest expectations.
We know that in order to give you the best service, we have to put ourselves in the "client is shoes" and never lose sight of the fact that every person and family is unique, with their own personal requirements and feelings.
Knowledge of how things work in Costa Rica, which combined with our contacts, established relationships and efficient procedures will save you significant time, money and effort.
Great experience and professionalism.
Great capacity of problem solving.
Responsibility, efficiency and honesty.
Language assistance: We are fluent in several languages such as Spanish, English and German.


Elvira Harisiadis Koller

Owner and Managing Director
PH. (506) 4034-1014
Cel. (506) 8345-9819

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, with Austrian-Greek origin, Elvira is a sales professional with a BA in Tourism Management, with over 20 years experience in different areas of the tourism business. At the age of 22, she moved with her husband to Canada, where both continued their studies and to improve the English language. Having returned to Venezuela, she worked for 2 major international airlines such as Lufthansa and KLM for 11 years, and after gaining a valuable experience in Sales and Public Relations, she founded and managed her own travel agency in Caracas, Venezuela, specializing in corporate business travel, which became one of the top 10 agencies in less than 5 years.

In 1998, due to the political and social situation of her home country, she moved with her family to Europe, establishing their residence in Tenerife, Spain for more than six years, gaining experience in the real estate business. After which, she continued for 2 years, in the city of Leeds, UK, as a real estate agent in the well-known and prestigious company Linley and Simpson.

After achieving many goals in Europe, in 2006, Elvira and her family decided to come back to Latin America, choosing Costa Rica as their final destination. Having worked as the public relations manager for almost 2 years in one of the most prestigious and well-known real estate magazines in the country — The Costa Rica Real Estate and Tourism Guide—  she acquired a great knowledge of the country and its people and in 2008 she decided it was time to share her experience and help other people who have resolved to establish their lives in the beautiful Costa Rica. This is how Ameurope Global Services was born. The only regret she has, is not coming sooner! Elvira speaks fluently Spanish, English, German and Italian.

Reasons why I chose Costa Rica:
Friendly and polite people
The wonderful climate
Great job and business opportunities
Family values and respect are still of utmost importance here
The excellent coffee
The sound of the birds that wake me up every morning
There is time to enjoy the amazing sunsets
People greet you by your name at shops and restaurants
Costa Rica will never be involved in any war, (the army was abolished in 1949)

David Cazorla Harisiadis

Marketing & Sales Director

David is our Marketing & Sales director.

He was born in Caracas Venezuela, where he graduated High School, obtaining his baccalaureate in science.

Just like his family, David moved to Spain, where he had the opportunity to study Tourism and Hotel Management at ESNE, a very well known business college. He finished his degree at the Wolverhampton University in the UK, obtaining a Bachelors Degree with Honors.

During his career David has held several managing positions in different countries, such as: General Manager of La Viña Restaurant in Newcastle, which belongs to the prestigious La Tasca Group in Great Britain; General Manager of the 4 star hotel Cristal Ballena located in the south pacific coast of Costa Rica; Marketing Director of the hotel Montaña de Fuego, one of the most exclusives hotels in the northern region of Costa Rica.

All his accreditations and experience are complemented by his great charisma and the command of three languages: Spanish, English & German, which makes us very lucky having David as a member of our team.

Ricardo Cazorla Harisiadis

Partner & Operations Manager
Cel. (506) 8342-3292


This hardworking and enterprising young man was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1986. In spite of his age, Ricardo has already an impressive resume and a heap of enriching experiences that only can be acquired after living in several countries like Venezuela, Spain, England, and Costa Rica.

After finishing his basic studies in Venezuela in a French School, he moved together with his family to Spain where he graduated High School, obtaining his baccalaureate in humanities and social sciencesdiploma. After finalizing his baccalaureate Ricardo moved to England, where he studied in Park Lane Collegeto become proficient in English. Among his studies, Ricardo was building his fundamentals in customer service with the company Marks & Spencer.

Then Ricardo decided to move to Costa Rica where received his BA in tourism management at the Latina University of Costa Rica. As part of his degree, Ricardo obtained a wealth of experience in the hotel sector through different internships which provided him with first-hand knowledge about the tourist industry. After obtaining his degree, Ricardo joined Ameurope Global Services were he worked as operations manager, developing strong communications and organizational skills. Ricardo also volunteered in the Olive Ridley sea turtle conservation program in the Playa Hermosa- Punta Mala Wildlife Refuge.

Following his profound passion in sustainability, Ricardo went back to the United Kingdom, where he obtained his master's degree in sustainability and corporate social responsibility at the University of Leeds. It is important to mention that during his masters Ricardo was part of a team evaluating the potential benefits and barriers to implementing UNESCO’S Education for Sustainable Development program at the University of Leeds. He also was in direct contact with UNESCO’S World Heritage Site programme because his master thesis studied the effects the World Heritage Site status on the city of Bath and its tourism development.

Now Ricardo is back in Costa Rica where he has re-joined Ameurope Global Services as Corporate Responsibility Coordinator and where he is also part of Let’s Go Internship, as a Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility consultant. 


Reasons why I chose Costa Rica:
No army - Peaceful country
Sustainable tourism
The most amazing sceneries ever!
Beautiful girls!

Desiree Boetticher


Born in Caracas, Venezuela, with German origin, Desiree is fluent in Spanish, German and English. At the age of 19, Desiree started working at the front desk of the Intercontinental Hotel Tamanaco in Caracas, where she had the opportunity of meeting people from different countries and cultures. After working at this hotel for one year, she was offered to start a new job at  the Royal Dutch airline KLM, where she remained for 23 years and became Reservations and Ticketing manager. Currently,Desiree is the Service Manager of the German airline Lufthansa in Caracas. Given the vast experience of a 35 year carrer in tourism and being in charge of people with different nationalities and cultures, Desiree has developed excellent communication and organizational skills, always based on an excellent customer service. On the 22nd of February 2015, Desiree decided to join the Ameurope’s team as a partner, based in Caracas.

Reasons why I chose Costa Rica:
Well educated, friendly and polite people
Great job and business opportunities
The wonderful climate
Beautiful landscapes and sunsets

Alain Martínez Pérez

Creative Graphical Designer | Webmaster
PH. (506) 40341014
Cel. (506) 8345 9819

This entrepreneur and professional young man was born in Camaguey, Cuba and is  the creative designer of Ameurope's Web site.

 At very young age he immigrated to Costa Rica in the company of his parents, who left the island due to their disagreement with Castro's dictatorship.

He received his diploma in Advertising Design at the Veritas University in Costa Rica and acquired most of his working experience in the design department of Manpa Central America, where he remained for several years, secializing in catalogue production, promotional material, impression techniques and final arts.
After more than seven years of experience in graphical design and elaboration of real estate and high visual corporate Web sites, Alain established his own advertising design company . 
In addition to this, he is also a great nature lover and very cheerful person.

After having lived in Costa Rica for so many years, he has learned to love this country as his own and enjoys the Costa Rican meal "Gallo Pinto" as much as the Cuban "Congrí", and sympathizes with the phrase that a Tico most currently uses: "mae pura vida"!

Reasons why I chose Costa Rica:
The amazing colors of the sunsets at the Guanacaste beaches.
The friendliness of the Ticos.
The great professional and business opportunities.
The beautiful landscapes, the flora and fauna of this beautiful country, which are the source of inspiration in all my designs.