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Elvira Harisiadis Koller

Owner and Managing Director
PH. +506-2101-3173
Cel. +506-8345-9819

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, with Austrian-Greek origin, Elvira is a sales professional with a BA in Tourism Management, with over 20 years experience in different areas of the tourism business. At the age of 22, she moved with her husband to Canada, where both continued their studies and to improve the English language. Having returned to Venezuela, she worked for 2 major international airlines such as Lufthansa and KLM for 11 years, and after gaining a valuable experience in Sales and Public Relations, she founded and managed her own travel agency in Caracas, Venezuela, specializing in corporate business travel, which became one of the top 10 agencies in less than 5 years.

In 1998, due to the political and social situation of her home country, she moved with her family to Europe, establishing their residence in Tenerife, Spain for more than six years, gaining experience in the real estate business. After which, she continued for 2 years, in the city of Leeds, UK, as a real estate agent in the well-known and prestigious company Linley and Simpson.

After achieving many goals in Europe, in 2006, Elvira and her family decided to come back to Latin America, choosing Costa Rica as their new home. Working as the public relations manager for almost 2 years in one of the most prestigious and well-known real estate magazines in the country — The Costa Rica Real Estate and Tourism Guide—  she acquired a great knowledge of the country and its people and in 2008 she decided it was time to share her experience and help other people who have resolved to establish their lives in the beautiful Costa Rica. This is how Ameurope Global Services was born. The only regret she has, is not coming sooner! Elvira speaks fluently Spanish, English, German and Italian.

Reasons why I chose Costa Rica:
  • Friendly and polite people
  • The wonderful climate
  • Great job and business opportunities
  • Family values and respect are still of utmost importance here
  • The excellent coffee
  • The sound of the birds that wake me up every morning
  • There is time to enjoy the amazing sunsets
  • People greet you by your name at shops and restaurants
  • Costa Rica will never be involved in any war, (the army was abolished in 1949)