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Personal Information

Full Name
Ricardo Cazorla Harisiadis
Partner & Operations Manager

This hardworking and enterprising young man was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1986. In spite of his age, Ricardo has already an impressive resume and a heap of enriching experiences that only can be acquired after living in several countries like Venezuela, Spain, England, and for the last 2 years in Costa Rica.

Besides perfectly understanding the needs that arise at the time of undertaking a new life and knowing the different mentalities between countries, Ricardo possesses the ideal qualifications to be part of this company.

After finishing his basic studies in Venezuela in a French School, he moved together with his family to Spain where he graduated High School, obtaining his baccalaureate in Humanities Diploma. Once he finalized his baccalaureate he moved to England, where he lived for more than two years and obtained the “Proficiency in English” in the Harrogate Language Academy. Among his studies, Ricardo was building his fundamentals in customer service with the company Marks & Spencer.

In Costa Rica and following the steps of his mother Elvira, Ricardo received his Masters Degree in Tourism Administration at the Latina University of Costa Rica. Currently he is the Operations Manager of the company and in addition to this position, he is also building up the required flight hours in order to obtain his commercial pilot license, so that in the near future, Ameurope can extend its horizons and offer a new service to all our dear clients!

Reasons why I chose Costa Rica
  • Peace and sustainable tourism!
  • New opportunities and things to discover.
  • The most amazing sceneries ever.
  • Beautiful girls!

Contact Information

Cel Phone
(506) 8342-3292


Miembro durante
9 años 47 semanas
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