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Costa Rican Cuisine

Casado - Comida tipica de Costa RicaCosta Rican cuisine is simple but very tasty, consisting basically of rice, corn, black beans, pork, chicken, plantains and other typical vegetables.
Gallo Pinto is served generally for the breakfast and it consists basically of rice and black beans, served with eggs accompanied by corn flower omelets.
At lunch Gallo Pinto becomes Casado, where it has been added pork, chicken or fish, cabbage salad, cheese and fried plantains, always accompanied by tortillas.

There is a great variety of rice dishes like: the famous rice with chicken, gardener rice and the simple white rice or with achiote. In December the traditional "tamales" of Christmas are prepared, made out of corn dough with chicken or meat, rice and vegetables.
There is a great variety of outstanding, tasty and fresh tropical fruit such as luscious pineapples, delicious passion fruit, sweet papayas & bananas and juicy mangoes and watermelons.

In Costa Rica we have very tasty and healthy refreshments: the sweet water, tamarindo juice,  resbaladera, rompope, horchata and our specialty the tropical fruit mix. Any kind of fruit, from strawberries to mangoes, is mixed in a beater with crushed ice, water or milk, and a glimpse of honey or sugar. The Horchata, which ingredients are boiled rice, toasted peanuts, milk and water seasoned with cinnamon, rum, sugar, cocoa and vanilla.

The most well-known desserts are: pineapple cakes, milk rice and coconut cajetas. Costa Rica has fish and seafood from two coasts, a full array of culinary herbs and spices. Ticos are good farmers; you can find good quality chicken, pork and beef.

Accompanying the previous dishes we have indigenous drinks with certain grade of alcohol. With an indigenous origin is the Chicheme prepared with corn, ginger and black sweet that needs to be fermented. The Chinchiví made with broth of sugar-cane. The favorite drink of all the Costa Rican families is the Rompope made with milk, cream, egg, vanilla and aguardiente (very strong alcohol).

So we would like to invite you to come and enjoy your stay accompanied by an excellent meal

Bon Appétit!