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The public transportation is generally good. You can reach almost anywhere in the country by bus at a very low cost. Although there is no national network or central bus terminal, all the buses leave on a regularly scheduled basis. Most of the trips cost less than $10 and offer a comfortable ride. Though the standard of buses varies from company to company, most of the buses on major routes are modern and roomy.

If you happen to be using a public bus company it is very important to follow these recommendations: Buy your ticket in advance, do not wait till the last minute; be prepared for crowded traveling conditions; try to avoid traveling on weekends or during festivals or holiday season; beware of pickpockets and luggage theft and make sure you travel light, since space is nearly always an issue, and also because it will be much easier for you to keep track of your baggage.

Regarding taxis, there are two types: the legally registered ones are all painted red and have a yellow triangle on both side doors; they are metered.  There are also ones called “pirate taxis”, which do not have a meter, so the rate needs to be established first; generally you can save some money, but it is important for you to know that these taxis are not insured, so please be aware that you travel at your own risk.

Useful taxi phone numbers in San José:

Taxis Alfaro: 2221-8466

Taxi San Jorge: 2221-3434

La Guaria: 2227-9300

Coopetico: 2224-7979

Coopetaxi: 2235-9966

Taxis Unidos del Aeropuerto: 2221-6865